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Aabra ka Dabra - Virtual Team Building and Magic Show for Corporates

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Suspend your disbelief and watch the best virtual illusionists, magicians and mentalists blow your mind off (your screens will be safe!)

From old-school sleight of hand to new-age fun mind-reading by mentalists, you will experience it all.

Every online session is interactive and entertaining in nature. Fun interactive games with a professiona... read more

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Who like me? Magical Introductions & Team Bonding

- The virtual activity begins with fun team introductions and a way to bond with colleagues
- This virtual game offers great ice breaker potential with its opportunity to guess at other people's preferences - likings and dislikings
10 Minutes

The Phrase Craze Challenge

- Purpose: To get you going with a challenge, crack up some laughter, and flex your brain muscles - as the time runs out!
- The mindbending phrases are here!
- Can your team guess which common phrase each illustration is trying to get you to say?
- Your team will have 30 seconds to decode each illustration
- This activity will have 3 rounds for each team
- And while the other team thinks of their correct answer, guess what, you can distract them. Healthy distraction always works
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

The Virtual Magic Show: Abra-ka-Dabra

-Experience mind-blowing acts of live magic that involve the good old card tricks, sleight of hand
- Live Mindreading Show: Be wary as our professional magician might just crack open your credit card pin
- All the tricks are done with the audience while keeping them super engaged
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Learn a magic trick

- If you have always wondered how magic works, it's time to have a sneak peek behind the scenes
- It's time to impress your colleagues, friends, and family members
- Learn an actual magic trick from the magician and master it at your home
10 Minutes

Recognizing the employee magician of the day

- The one who has learned it the best, gets to be the booster of the day!
- Awarding the Employee Magician of the day
5 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Magician / Illusionist
    Live Magician / Illusionist
    A super-skilled live magician, mentalist and illusionist to perform mind-bending and engaging tricks for a purely entertaining event. Get a chance to learn some awesome tricks too!
  • Live Anchor / Show host
    Live Anchor / Show host
    Super cool professional who will host the event and help you bond with your colleagues with different activities and games.

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