Akshay Laxman portfolio images
Akshay Laxman portfolio images Akshay Laxman portfolio images

Akshay Laxman

Celebrity Magician/Mentalist from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Akshay Laxman

Celebrity Magician/Mentalist from Mumbai, Maharashtra

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4.5/5 Rating
Workplace Happiness
1000+ gigs
10+ Years of experience
Available In-person and Virtual

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Mumbai, Maharashtra
Workplace Happiness
Open to Travel



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Akshay Laxman portfolio images

Step into the realm of wonder with the extraordinary Akshay Laxman, a dazzling luminary on the Indian stage magic and mentalism scene. Armed with a mix of mystique and mind-bending marvels, he's taken audiences on an exhilarating ride, not just within India's borders but far beyond. Laxman's bag of tricks spills over with mind-reading enigmas, telekinetic feats, and mind-boggling illusions that shatter expectations and leave spectators picking their jaws up off the floor in sheer disbelief.

But what sets Laxman apart isn't just his astonishing acts; it's his signature twist on magic and mentalism that has forged an unwavering fan base. His approach doesn't just entertain; it captivates, mystifies, and leaves you questioning the very fabric of reality. In a world where the line between the ordinary and the extraordinary blurs, Akshay Laxman reigns supreme as a beacon of awe and bewilderment, firmly establishing himself as a leading luminary in the dazzling universe of entertainment and illusion.

Awards and Recognition

TedX Speaker
Winner of an episode of the talent show Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Performs in


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