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SOS Party is the best Corporate Offsite and Event Management Company in Goa. Immerse your team in the perfect blend of entertainment, team building, sightseeing, and MICE Travel experiences in Goa.

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the Goan Vibe

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Explore our Goa offsite offerings in this video. Witness the blend of thrilling team activities, scenic beauty, and unforgettable moments that make our corporate MICE events stand out.

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What we offer

SOS Party Offsite Venue and Hotel Booking

Venue and Hotel Booking

From beachfront resorts to 5-star hotels, we have venues and banquets to suit small and large teams - ensuring a comfortable setting for your corporate offsite and Goa MICE travel events.

SOS Party Offsite Team Building and Engagement

Team Building and Engagement

Strengthen your team's bond with our innovative indoor and outdoor team building activities, designed to foster collaboration and communication, in the picturesque setting of Goan beaches.

SOS Party Offsite Entertainment and Celebrities

Entertainment and Celebrities

Elevate your offsite and Goa MICE travel events with unforgettable entertainment options and celebrity performances. From live bands, and drum circle to motivational speakers, we bring the sparkle to your corporate and MICE events.

SOS Party Offsite Branding and Decoration

Branding and Decoration

Transform your event space with our custom branding and decoration services, reflecting your company's identity and enhancing the overall experience of your Goa offsite.

SOS Party Offsite Stage, Sound, and Lights

Stage, Sound, and Lights

Experience state-of-the-art stage setups, LED walls, crystal-clear sound systems, and dynamic lighting solutions that will make your Goa corporate conference, Rewards and Recognition, and entertainment segments truly stand out.

SOS Party Offsite Transportation and Sightseeing

Transportation and Sightseeing

Explore Goa with ease, thanks to our comprehensive transportation services. From airport transfers in AC Buses and Innovas to curated sightseeing tours of North and South Goa, we ensure a seamless experience for your team.

Corporate Offsite Venues

Resorts and Hotels in Goa

Discover unparalleled luxury for your corporate Goa offsite and MICE event with our curated selection of premium beachfront resorts, 5-star and 4-star hotels, large banquets, and conference venues.

Activities in Goa

Team Building

Empower your team with our diverse range of team building activities, from indoor challenges to outdoor adventures and beach team building activities. Experience the unity of rhythm with our drum circle sessions, and special team building activities for Management.

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Sightseeing in Goa

Book Goan Artists

Entertainment in Goa

SOS Party Offsite entertainment DJ


Electrify your Goa offsite with our DJ services, spinning the perfect soundtrack to energize and unite your team on the dance floor. We also take care of PPL, NOVEX and IPRS licenses.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Unleash creativity and harmony with a Drum Circle in Goa, a rhythmic journey fostering teamwork and a sense of unity among participants. This activity is available for small and large teams.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Live Bands

Live Bands

Experience the magic of live music with our bands, offering diverse genres to suit your event's theme and elevate the ambiance. From Konkani and Bollywood to Hollywood, we cover all languages and genres.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Goan Serenades

Goan Serenades

Give your participants the local and cultural welcome in Goa with the most amazing Goan Serenades - a musical treat that adds a local touch and charm to your corporate offsite.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Goan Fire Show

Goan Fire Show

Light up the night with a mesmerizing Fire Show performance, a spectacle of skill and artistry that will captivate and thrill your team

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Classical Dance

Classical Dance

Grace your event with Classical Dance performances, showcasing India's rich cultural heritage and storytelling through dance.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Anchor / Emcee

Anchor / Emcee

Keep your offsite event engaging with our professional Anchors and Emcees, guiding the flow and ensuring a memorable experience for your team.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Standup Comedian

Standup Comedian

Inject humor and laughter into your Goa Corporate Event with a Stand-up Comedian, offering a light-hearted break that boosts morale and fosters a relaxed atmosphere.

Book local artists

Top Artists

Agenda and Schedule

Goa Itinerary


Stage and Fabrication

Grand Event Stage in Goa SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Grand Event Stage in Goa

Sound and PA System SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Sound and PA System

Fabrication and Branding SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Fabrication and Branding

Corporate Photobooth SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Corporate Photobooth

Professional Technicians SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Professional Technicians

Event Decor SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Event Decor

Goa Flights booking

Flights and Buses

SOS Party Offsite flight booking international and domestic image

Book your flights

International & Domestic

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Find the right buses

Full day or half day basis


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Unlock the ultimate Goa experience with the best offsite packages! Tailored for corporate teams, our packages promise unforgettable adventures and seamless events in Goa. Get your custom pricing today!


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What Makes Goa an Ideal Destination for Corporate Offsite Events?

Goa, with its pristine beaches, and dynamic nightlife, presents the perfect backdrop for corporate offsites. It's not just about the scenic beauty; Goa offers a plethora of team-building activities, from adventure sports to cruise ships, casinos, and heritage tours - catering to diverse tastes. Moreover, the serene environment promotes relaxation and creativity, essential for strategic meetings. Goa's well-developed infrastructure, including state-of-the-art conference venues and luxurious accommodations, ensures a seamless experience. Choosing Goa means blending work with leisure, fostering team spirit, and generating innovative ideas amidst nature's splendor.

How to Plan a Successful Corporate Offsite in Goa?

Planning a successful corporate offsite in Goa involves a mix of strategic planning and local insights. Begin with setting clear objectives for the offsite, whether it's team-building, strategic alignment, or relaxation. Next, select a venue that aligns with your goals, considering factors like location, facilities, and capacity. Incorporating local Goan experiences, such as spice plantation tours or sunset cruises, can enhance the engagement and enjoyment of your team. Partnering with an experienced event management company like SOS Party which is based out of Goa can streamline the process, ensuring that every detail, from accommodation to activities, is perfectly curated to meet your company's unique needs and preferences.

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