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The Big Picture - Creative Team Building Painting Activity

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Team Building
Team Building

About this activity

The Big Picture is the ultimate creative and fun team-building activity for corporates. The employees are divided into small teams, each of which paints a small segment of The Big Picture (designed for your team by our team of graphic designers).

Having no idea what the final image will be, teams must work together to ensure that all lines meet ... read more

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Team Warmup Energizer

- Objective: Getting the participants to be active at the beginning of the session
- We play some peppy musical numbers and get them to activate their body muscles
- The emcee/team building expert kicks off the session on a high energy note
- By the end of this activity, the audience feels energized and in the zone to participate
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Team Division Activity

- A fun twist to team division/pairing up of the participants
- Each of the participants gets a chit with a song written on it
- They have to identify their team members by humming the song
- Everyone gets 5 minutes to figure out their teams
10 Minutes

Creativing the Picture on Canvas

- Teams collect brushes, paint, a diagram outlining their individual canvas, and, a blank canvas.
- They then set about as a team to mix paints to create the right colors and paint their canvas.
- Soon into the exercise, teams realize that in order for the overall artwork to be successful they need to collaborate with other teams.
60 Minutes

Unveiling and Celebration

- Once complete, the highlight of The Big Picture is the final reveal where, following a debriefing session, the masterpiece is unveiled to all participants for the first time, which always results in loud cheers and thunderous applause.
10 Minutes

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    Emcee / Anchor Show host

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