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Momentum Makers: Leadership and Management Team Building Activities

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Team Building
Team Building

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Momentum Makers is a team building event designed specifically for leaders and executives who want to boost their team's collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. This event aims to create a cohesive team that can work together effectively to achieve their goals.

The event consists of a series of problem-solving, communication, t... read more

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Team Warmup Energizer

- Objective: Getting the participants to be active at the beginning of the session
- We play some peppy musical numbers read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Toxic Waste or Bomb Removal Team Building Activity

- Purpose: simulation team building activity designed to promote teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadershi read more+ read less- Activity reference video
20 Minutes

The Blind Snake: Non Verbal Communication Challenge

- A trust team building activity that focuses on non-verbal communication
- The whole team stands in one straight line o read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
25 Minutes

Acid River / Floor is Lava: Team Building Strategy Activity

- Objective: Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Problem-Solving
- Acid River, is a team-building indoor/outdoor gam read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
25 Minutes

Egg Drop Creative Construction Team Activity

- The egg drop team building activity is a popular and engaging activity that involves working in teams to design and co read more+ read less-
25 Minutes

Minefield: Trust Building Activity

- Objective: Trust building, Communication, Collaboration
- It can be difficult for some to trust their team members or read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
25 Minutes

Silent Lineup: Communication Activity

- Silent lineup is a team-building activity that requires group members to work together to arrange themselves in a line read more+ read less-
20 Minutes

The Tangram Team Building Activity

- An exciting and interactive exercise designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and communication among participant read more+ read less- Activity reference video
15 Minutes

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