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Shark Tank Onsite Team Building Activity

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SOSParty brings you the Shark tank fun onsite team building activities for small & large groups based on the famous TV reality show Shark Tank India. These activities aim to stimulate new approaches to reasoning, unlocking creativity, improving team communication, and identifying the leaders in your organization.

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Hi5 - The Team Mixer

- As all the team members get ready for the Shark Tank activity, it's important to get to know each other
- This team mixer helps your team members mix and know others outside of work
- A total of 5 mins is given and the participants have to network with as many people as possible
- As the participants meet each other, they have to share one hidden talent about themselves
- Once the participant has met one person, they have to give a hi5
10 Minutes

Gear up! Body movement energizer

- Objective: activate the group, laugh, and create confusion
- To pump up the adrenaline of the participants the show host will get them to do challenging hand-eye coordination tasks
- This involves a series of instructions and body movements like clapping, making hand and face gestures.
15 Minutes

Nurturing bonds: Team formation

- We get the participants to randomly form teams of 5 - 8 people each
- This is done for the team activities
- Each team has to come up with the team names and slogans
15 Minutes

Challenge 1: The Genesis of Idea

- Each team is given 15 mins to brainstorm and think about an idea
- They are given chart papers/whiteboards to brainstorm
- The idea should be something that has value in real-world and that people are willing to pay for
- As they think about the ideas, they also have to delegate different roles to their team members
- Which person will manage the production, who will market, who'll sell, and who'll pitch
20 Minutes

Challenge 2: The Garage - Making the prototype

- Just like real-life entrepreneurs, our teams will have to make a prototype of their ideas (in their own garages)
- They are given a set of materials that they can use
- They can also use anything and everything that is available in the office
- The idea is to recycle and reuse stuff available in the office to solve a real-world problem
- In this limited time, you'll see your team members functioning under pressure, with limited resources
30 Minutes

Challenge 3: The Pitch with the Sharks

- Each team gets 5 mins to pitch their ideas, business model, and team to the sharks
- Creative presentations have to be given. The participants have to convince the sharks that their business is investable and solves a real-life challenge.
- The sharks will cross-question the teams, and give them score on various parameters
- They also have to showcase their prototypes
20 Minutes

Challenge 4 - Sell the product & show revenue

- In this version of Office Shark Tank, the participating teams go around their office and try to sell their product
- They have to record video of their sales pitches to actual office employees and see if they'll purchase their products (video commitment of purchase required)
- Each team gets 15 mins to go and sell their products and maximize their revenue
- Once done, they have to come back and show their total committed revenue
- This challenge will get them additional scores for the final round
20 Minutes

The Investment

- We end the fun team building session by getting the top 2 teams to receive the investment from our judges
- The winning teams get the bragging rights and brownie points/prizes from the organization
10 Minutes

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