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Offline / In-person Women's Day Celebration for Office

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It's time to be back in the office and celebrate the occasion of International Women's Day with your colleagues with pomp and show.

Filled with exciting unique activities curated especially for the women employees of the organization, SOSParty brings you a day to remember. The highlights of the show include the Handbag activity, the Birthday Lin... read more

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Celebrating Womanhood: Event opening

- We open the celebration of the 2022 International Women's Celebration on a grand note
- Talking about the importance of the occasion, its history, and the theme of the celebration in 2022 #BreakTheBias
- Keynote and wishes by the management
5 Minutes

Balloon Shuffle: Team Energizer

- Objective: activate the group, laugh, and create confusion
- To pump up the adrenaline of the participants the show host will get them to do challenging hand-eye coordination tasks
- All the employees are given deflated balloons
- They have to write their names on the balloon and fill them with air
- Once done, all of them have to throw the balloons in the air together and prevent any balloon from falling
- After 2 mins of playing with the balloons, people have to find the one ballon that has their name on it
- This activity is a test of the mental aptitude and presence of mind of the employees.
10 Minutes

The Handbag: Got it, flaunt it, win it!

- Get ready to win some prizes as we play the most awaited virtual game of the day
- The emcee has a list of some of the most common items found in a woman's bag
- The ones with the maximum number of items win
10 Minutes

Group Timeline: Team Building Activity

- Objective: Team Work, Strategy, Getting to know each other, and a lot of laughter
- Each team is asked to line themselves up in different orders of their dates, months, and years of birth
- The challenge is to see how fast the team members interact with each other and re-arrange themselves
- The plus point is that this involves interaction with each team member.
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Whatsapp Warriors: The Ultimate Showdown

- Objective: Teamwork, delegation and priority, and competitive spirit
- Get ready to compete in the final activity of the day
- Each team is given a set of challenging physical team tasks e.g. Click a picture of your complete team doing a yoga pose
- Make a video of the semi-circle human formation of your team, and numerous other tasks that the teams need to capture on a phone in less than 5 mins
Activity reference video
25 Minutes

Awwwards: Women at Your Work

In this last gratitude building segment, we celebrate women at your workplace
- Some of the titles include: Best mentor, Team player, Lifelong learner, Rising rookie, Leader extraordinaire, Humble heroine
- All the nominees are the winners in this case
- It involves on the spot nominations from the attendees
10 Minutes

Add on: The Wonder Woman Concert

- Enjoy the live music concert with your favorite beverage
- Don't think twice to sing on melodious tunes with our expert female musician / bands
- Jam to your favourite numbers and put in your song requests
- It's time to celebrate
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live show host to create all the fun and exciting activities on the theme of International Women's Day
  • Live Musician
    Live Musician
    Enjoy a women's day special live musical concert with your colleagues and create the best time for your employees.

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