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Countdown to 2023: Office Year End / New Year Gala Celebration

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Team Celebration
Team Celebration

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Plan a rockin' Year-end gala celebration for your colleagues with SOS Party. Available across India, the US, and the UK the celebration is full of fun, light-hearted, and highly engaging activities and performances that'll make your colleagues love the celebration.

The party can be created within your office premises or a banquet. The SOSParty t... read more

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Grand opening to the gala event

- A bright and beautiful welcome to your colleagues to the Year-end gala celebration
- A bunch of super fun ice-breaker activities to kick off the New Year Celebrations and make all the families feel comfortable
- Keynote from the management
10 Minutes

The New Year Express

- Your team is in for a treat this New Year! With loads of fun games, activities, team stories and performances
- The New Year Express is a hyper-engaging activity that rewards the most engaging participants throughout the event
- The Express provides loads of fun to your team members and a chance for them to win prizes from Santa.
- Corporates love this activity
10 Minutes

Going Going Gone.. The Auction

- PartyCoins (a fake currency) is given to all the participants
- We bring a certain set of gifts that all the participants can bid for.
- The gifts will be wrapped in a box.
- Behind the gifts can be different items like a Tissue Roll, a Pen, an act of service, or a task.
- To bid, multiple participants can also join hands and bid together.
- Once the participant wins a bid, they come on the stage and open the gift
- Joy of happiness or tears of disappointment may follow - but laughter will be a constant
25 Minutes

New Year Presents: Wrap them up Challenge!

- We pair two participants and make them stand beside each other. The adjacent wrists need to be tied to each other with a ribbon and then covered with a stocking/sock
- They are then given a box, wrapping paper, and a cello tape and asked to wrap a gift in the best possible way
- The pair who packs the box neatly wins.
15 Minutes

NYE The Drinking Game

- In this activity, the participant bring a drink before we begin the activity
- The drink could be anything that goes well with your company policy - from coffee, tea, cola, beer to even water
- The emcee explains the rule and reads out a few situations
- If the participants are a part of it, they have to take a sip
- Get ready for an evening of fun and hilarious drinking game
10 Minutes

New Year Bomb Drop Challenge

- We'll divide the participants into two teams, and every participant would be given an inflated balloon
- The focus is to put the balloon in between the knees and send it to the other part of the room without dropping it
- If the balloon falls down the participant needs to pick it up again and run, and if the balloon bursts then you are already out
- This is one of our favorite Holiday party games for office
20 Minutes

The Year-in-Review Activity

- A fun icebreaker activity for the Year End Gala celebration
- The host shares and reads some funny, insightful, or happening headlines from the newspapers in the past year. Or it can also be themed around the announcements in your organization
- The participants have to guess in which month of this year did it happen?
- The participants laugh, discuss and have fun with this one.
10 Minutes

Snowball Scoop - NYE Minute to Win it Challenges

- NYE Minute to Win It Challenge includes the activities contestants must complete in under a minute.
- Each of the participating team nominates their team member for the different rounds
- There are 5 - 6 rounds for the Minute to Win it challenge
- Tasks include: Face the cookie challenge, backward t-shirt challenge, flip the bottle challenge, etc
20 Minutes

Alternative - Pop The Confetti

- Fill five balloons with confetti, sprinkles are given to each team
- Players must pop all five balloons in the allotted time using just their hands (so no teeth, feet, bum, etc.) while wearing heavy winter gloves.
15 Minutes

The clock strikes midnight: New Year Countdown 2023

- Get all your team members together
- Sit tight as we start the new year countdown virtually
- With real joy beaming in your colleagues, a live countdown timer will appear on the screen to give you the real feel of 2023
- With 10 seconds remaining, all the attendees countdown together
- At the end of the countdown, the participants wish each other and shower their blessings on everyone.
5 Minutes

Add on - NYE Euphoria: Live Musical Concert Celebration

- Celebrate the New Year with an epic live concert with a band
- The band can be of any size. Celebrity bands are also available
- Jam along, groove and make it the most memorable team celebration activity
- Request your favorite songs and dedicate them to your colleagues and friends
40 Minutes

Add on - Sundowner Dj Party

- DJ party is the most fun thing to do as the employees get to forget everything and have a blasting fun while dancing some peppy dance numbers.
- Our team will manage the entire DJ setup including a professional Disk Jockey
- You and your employees just need to enjoy the flurry of excitement
- Dancing helps with social connections
- Makes employees loosen up a little
- Gives a regular day, a party feel
- Greater self-confidence
90 Minutes

Add on: Office/Banquet Decoration and logistics

- Get the best-in-class office decoration done for your office festivities, events, and activities with SOSParty
- SOS Party team will manage everything end-to-end
- All of the decoration is customizable according to your company brand and requirements
- Decoration props include balloons, danglers, entrances, real and artificial flowers, paper hangings etc
120 Minutes

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  • Dj Party
    Dj Party
  • Live Band
    Live Band
  • Banquet/Office Decoration & Logistics
    Banquet/Office Decoration & Logistics

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