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Team Celebration

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The Back to Office - Reunion Holi Party is here!

Getting ready with your favorite rang for an office Holi celebration is a delight for any and every employee - across the world! This festival is an ideal celebration of diversity and opportunity for an inclusive workplace. People around the globe are fascinated with the festival of colors and wou... read more

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Do me a favour, let's play Holi! Icebreaker

- We kick off the Holi celebrations a fun Bollywood-themed activity
- Getting everyone in the zone for Holi, this activity sets up the mood for celebration
- In this, we play some trendy Bollywood songs, and all the participants have to do the song hook step
- From Khai ke paan banaras to Balam pichkari we bring it all
20 Minutes

Holi Mixer Challenge

- Each colour of Holi signifies an attribute
- Blue is quirky, Green is full of life, Red is full of energy, Yellow is happy go lucky, Pink is friendship
- We give all the participants 5 minutes to meet each other, and put one color on them - that they think fits them the best.
- E.g. if you feel one of your colleagues is full of energy, put only red colour on them.
- At the end of 5 minutes, all the colours on you signify the traits that people see in you
- This activity is great to show gratitude and initiate friendship in the employees
15 Minutes

Balloon Pop: Holi Special

- Each of the participants fills their balloon with air and put some color in it (gulal)
- All the participants also get a toothpick
- The participants have to hold their balloon on top of their head and prevent it from getting burst
- The last person to be able to save their balloon wins
- As the balloon bursts on top of their head, the gulal falls on them - making it super fun
- As the activity happens, we play super peppy bollywood tracks in the background
15 Minutes

Ultimate Gujiya Junkie Challenge

- Each team sends 3 team members for this challenge
- The participants have to finish the plate of Holi delicacies
- The team that finishes the first wins the game of Gujiya Junkie and leads the scoreboard
- The other team members cheer for their teams to win the competition
10 Minutes

Gulal: The Holi Fashion Show

- Each team decorates one of their team members with different colors of Holi
- Each team gets 5-10 mins to do all the decoration. They can also use props like newspapers, sunglasses, etc
- The decorated team members (models) walk the ramp
- Once the ramp walk is done, each team explains why their model is the best
- The better their sales pitch, the more points they get
20 Minutes

Holi Hai! The Amazing Race

- The beloved treasure hunt! Bring that excitement to the fore, looking for clues and cracking one.
- Goofing up and yet keeping the competition alive. It’s all about the colorful journey, with employees on their toes all around the office, enacting or eating or dancing or posing or laughing just to win this Amazing Race!
20 Minutes

Add on: Live Holi Dhol

- Experience the foot-tapping live dhol in your office/lawn/banquet to make your Holi celebration epic
- The beats of the Dhol will make the party come to life
- From boliyan to tappe, the dhol adds the flavor of awesomeness to the celebration
30 Minutes

Add on: Rang Barse - The Dj Dance Party

- Bring your office Holi party to life with a live Dj dance party
- All the employees join each other on the dance floor as the Dj hits the peppy Holi numbers and gets everyone to dance their hearts out!
30 Minutes

Add on: Live Musical Concert Holi Special

What's a celebration without some live music?
- Experience the foot-tapping numbers from Bollywood and jive along on the dance floor
- Request your favorite tracks
- We cover all the decades from the 1980s to the 2020s
- A live musical concert after ages
30 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

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    Live DJ
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    Live 2pc / 3pc Band
  • Live Holi Dhol
    Live Holi Dhol
  • Live Emcee / Anchor
    Live Emcee / Anchor

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