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Back to Office: Reunion Team Building Activities

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It's been over 2 years since your employees got a chance to connect with each other in person. With new hirings, there'll be a lot of new faces in the crowd. It's time to get your employees together in the office and help them bond with each other.

SOSParty brings you the best in class in-person/offline celebration - Back to Office Reunion Party. ... read more

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Hum-Tum: Reunion intermingling icebreaker

- It's been a long time since your people got a chance to connect with each other outside of work
- With new additions to the team, there'll be a few new faces
This super fresh ice-breaker activity is designed for people to connect - but with a twist
10 - 15 minutes

Body movement and Energizer activity

- Objective: activate the group, laugh, and create confusion
- To pump up the adrenaline of the participants the show host will get them to do challenging hand-eye coordination tasks
- This involves a series of instructions and body movements like clapping, making hand and face gestures.
15 - 20 minutes

Team formation

- We get the participants to randomly form teams of 5 - 8 people each
- This is done for the team activities
- Each team has to come up with the team names and slogans
5 - 10 minutes

The Birthday Lineup: Team Building Activity

- Objective: Team Work, Strategy, Getting to know each other, and a lot of laughter
- Each team is asked to line themselves up in different orders of their dates, months, and years of birth
- The challenge is to see how fast the team members interact with each other and re-arrange themselves
- The plus point is that this involves interaction with each team member.
15 - 20 minutes

Who's balloon is it?

- Team energizer activity
- All the employees are given deflated balloons
- They have to write their names on the balloon and fill them with air
- Once done, all of them have to throw the balloons in the air together and prevent any balloon from falling
- After 2 mins of playing with the balloons, people have to find the one ballon that has their name on it
- This activity is a test of the mental aptitude and presence of mind of the employees.
10 - 15 minutes

Euphoria: Live Office Musical Concert Celebration

- Rebond and re-ignite the office friendship with a live concert with a band
- Jam along, groove and make it the most memorable team celebration activity
- Request your favorite songs and dedicate them to your colleagues and friends
40 - 45 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor / In-person team building expert
    Anchor / In-person team building expert
    An in-person team-building expert to charge up your office employees and get them to know each other better. This expert will be leading all the team-building activities along with a high quotient of fun and entertainment.
  • Live Musician
    Live Musician
    Bring your party to life with a live musician to sing your favorite songs and make the reunion celebration a lot more special.

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